Golang / Go Profile: Golang asynchronous software developer and many-core concurrency debugger

Golang asynchronous software developer and many-core concurrency debugger - Flow-based Many-core Concurrency Architect Debug

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › California › San Carlos
Looking for: Freelance - Can work remotely

Embedded real-time video engineer.
Graphical micro services developer.
Asynchronous software and hardware designer and debugger.

Flow-based system design, construction, and debugging.
Scalable and elastic asynchronous software and hardware.
Open-source publisher and consumer.

What I look for
I'm a computer scientist whose work with real-time image analysis led to stints as an asynchronous hardware designer in two of California's most innovative semiconductor startups. Then Golang and its concurrency primitives showed the way to apply lessons learned in scalable and elastic hardware designs to forthcoming many-core architectures. Now I'm looking for consulting, teaching, or debugging opportunities to assist others in getting up to speed on how to build flow-based systems.
San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles, Portland, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Madison, remote

How to contact me

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Additional information

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Github: vectaport
Location: San Carlos, California, United States

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