Golang / Go Profile: Mid-Senior Software Developer

Mid-Senior Software Developer - Golang, Python, Microservices, Docker

Located in: 🇪🇸 Spain › Barcelona
Looking for: Permanent - Can work remotely

In my previous position, I worked primarily with PHP on a complex system of microservices to manage all the operations of an online supermarket.

We controlled the whole life cycle of a customer order: the cart, the orders to the different suppliers, stock control, preparation of orders in the warehouse, delivery process, sync with the ERP system... using a DDD approach and events to control the asynchronous services.

Being a small team (10 people), we all had to go through almost all these services, so I was lucky enough to be able to work on codebases with different characteristics. Some of them handled lots of traffic (the web, stock monitoring, cart handling...). On others, security and accuracy were crucial for everything to work properly (reception of supplier orders, preparation of customer orders...).

In this job, I also had the chance to work integrating several external services (CRM, same-day shipping couriers, ERP) and learn the hard way how important it is to know how to do a good integration, and how to ensure the core system stability even when third-party integrations fail.

At the end of the day, it was all about integrations and how to protect each service from one another’s failures, and this taught me a valuable lesson: always be skeptical and expect that eventually, everything can fail.

I have a somewhat peculiar background. Professionally, I have been working as a backend-focused developer.

But in my spare time I have always been working on many (apparently unrelated) things: developing automated trading systems a few years ago, and currently working on some IoT and data science projects.

And my interest and curiosity towards low-level stuff don’t stop growing...

What I look for
Any position where I can code in Golang or Python using modern architectures
Anywhere within Europe

How to contact me

Let them know you found their profile at https://www.golangprojects.com
(Everyone wants to know how they were found)