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Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Java, Nosql, REST
Vancouver, Canada (Can work remotely)
I have significant experience in writing backend software. I spent the last few years working with HBase, hadoop and RESTful services so my relational database skills are a bit rusty but it would come back with a little exposure. I've also developed a fully wo...
Developer Developer - Golang, SQL, PHP, AutoIT, Python
Ocala, Florida, United States (Can work remotely)
I love solving problems with code and Go is my language of choice. I am great with troubleshooting, end user experience, and I am good at bridging the gap between the real world and code. My editor of choice is Vim and I can work on Linux, Windows, and Mac ...
Sr. Software Engineer Sr. Software Engineer - golang, unikernels, microservices, performance engineering, devops
San Francisco, California, United States
Needless to say I write a bit of Go. :) Besides Go I've scaled quite a few of the popular databases out there and have several years in many other languages (although I don't really have any interest in building in other languages at this time unless it's to r...
Full Stack JavaScript Developer Full Stack JavaScript Developer - node, react, javascript, fullstack, golang
Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina (Can work remotely)
Passionate about web development & programming. Fast learner. Team oriented. Hard worker. - My first jobs were related to WordPress and then I got into JavaScript. Currently I work as a fullstack JavaScript developer. And I'm looking to get into Golang....
Fullstack Developer Fullstack Developer - Golang, Vue Js, Laravel, Mobile Developement, Java
Nairobi, Kenya (Can work remotely)
Languages :Go , Java , Python , Node Js , JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, XML Databases: MySQL, NoSQL , Redis. MongoDB , Rethink Db Frameworks: Laravel , Codeigniter , Bootstrap , Foundation , Angular Js , Vue Js , React Js , Sematic , React Native , Fr...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Nodejs, NoSQL, Android, FullStack
Belgrade, Serbia (Can work remotely)
My main expertise is developing backends in Go, Node and Java, but I have a lot of experience with modern frontend stacks like React, Angular and Vue. Also proficient with Android development, and got my hands into DevOps (AWS, Kubernetes) in the mean time. Lo...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, nosql, AWS, node.js, docker
San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, California, United States (Can work remotely)
Golang and node.js coder. Unix/linux systems hosted in AWS. SQL and nosql architecture of high speed, multi-tenant applications implemented with docker containers, haproxy load balancing, SES email, S3 storage, SQS job queuing, Lambda services. - Most recen...
Platform Reliability engineer Platform Reliability engineer - Golang, Performance, Scalability, Monitoring, Tooling
Gistel, Belgium (Can work remotely)
My skills based on the past year are primarily performance, scalability and reliability for distributed systems. However, I believe one of my strongest skills is that I am a very quick learner and can adapt quickly to new situations. - For the past year, I've ...
Consultant Consultant - Golang, Postgres, Bash, APIs
San Francisco, California, United States (Can work remotely)
I'm a core contributor to the Go language. I've been working a lot in Go recently, but am familiar with many different languages and can get up to speed quickly with anything. My last projects have been in Javascript, Python, PHP, and Go. - I've worked at Twil...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - golang vuejs
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil (Can work remotely)
I'm good at building software, from the database to the application. I also apply heavy doses of pragmatism, compromising whenever I can. I strive to deliver the best software, taking my time to write tests and carefully craft the application. I tend to use Go...
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