Golang / Go Profile: Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Golang, Python, Ansible,

Located in: 🇨🇦 Canada › Vancouver
Looking for: Permanent - Can work remotely

At the moment I work in distributed systems and cloud infrastructure, maintaining some services that manage an internal private cloud. I'm hoping to make a move to somewhere I can work on building the software that helps people build distributed systems, so mostly cloud native foundation type projects. Recently I've been spending some of my free time contributing to Prometheus.
- https://github.com/prometheus/prometheus/pull/3531
- https://github.com/prometheus/prometheus/pull/3062
- https://github.com/prometheus/tsdb/pull/226

I have experience with Kubernetes, Docker, HashiCorp tools such as Packer and Terraform, and other infrastructure related tooling for cloud native type applications. Plumbing for infrastructure is important, most of the pain points for people seem to be around deploying and operating their services rather than writing their actual business logic. Contributing to tools in that space is what I'm hoping to do.

I have an interest in communication protocols, in the past I reverse engineered, documented, and reimplemented ADB which is used to communicate with Android devices.
- https://github.com/appium/node-adb-client
- https://github.com/cstyan/adbDocumentation

python microservice + cloud infrastructure experience, golang for personal projects and open source work, experience working remotely across timezones

What I look for
Golang positions related to distributed systems and cloud infrastructure. Open source work.
Remote, or Vancouver. Can relocate in 2019.

How to contact me

Let them know you found their profile at https://www.golangprojects.com
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