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Software/devops engineer Software/devops engineer - golang, python, devops, linux, apache
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States (Can work remotely)
Expertise in Go, Python, C++, Java development. Experience with cluster management and CI/CD with ansible, jenkins, kubernetes. Knowledge of Apache software. Experience with tensorflow, pytorch, and keras. - I am a software engineer with experience in machine ...
Software Architect Software Architect - Golang, Javascript, Bash, Architecture, SQL
Kiev, Ukraine (Can work remotely)
- Languages: Bash, Golang, Javascript (including NodeJS), a bit of Python, PHP, HTML, CSS (and LESS), Markdown - Frameworks: Express, React, Symfony - Databases: PostgeSQL, MySQL, Mongo, Redis - DevOps: CI services, Docker, Docker Swarm, Micro-services - D...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - golang, nodejs, python, java
Odesa, Ukraine (Can work remotely)
node.js golang mongodb java linux aws python hadoop cassandra sql no-sql - I am a software developer looking towards interesting projects, generally in area of algorithms, big data processing, back-end api projects, image processing and opensource. Over las...
Senior Infrastructure Engineer Senior Infrastructure Engineer - Golang, Python, SQL, Testing, Git, CI
Atlanta, Georgia, United States (Can work remotely)
I have knowledge of servers and concurrent systems. I have written REST based APIs that work in a micro-service architecture. Also have developed a distributed system based on gRPC framework in Python and Go. - I have worked on systems that process ~5GB daily....
Senior Developer ad-tech , fin-tech, distributed computing Senior Developer ad-tech , fin-tech, distributed computing - Golang, Java8, C++14, Docker
Newport Beach, California, United States (Can work remotely)
Backend and DevOps , TCP/IP , UDP , P2P , blockchain , distributed ledger , ad-tech real time bidders , fin-tech order management and order executions , settlement systems. - 27 projects delivered for US and EU clients...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, SQL, Architecture, Data, Backend
Los Angeles, California, United States (Can work remotely)
Golang, Perl, Java,, React, ETL, Data Aggregation, Data Pipelines, Sql, AWS (Various services), Architecture, Microservices, SOA, DBAAS, SAAS, Linux - I am a full stack (specializing in Backend, with some front end abilities) engineer with a history in the Sou...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, AWS, Azure, C#, JAVA, SQL, Javascript
Istanbul, Turkey (Can work remotely)
Golang, Docker, Kubernetes, C#, Kotlin, React, Angular - I’m A. Ozkan, Freelance Software Developer, currently at Istanbul/Turkey. I have a high interest in developing with cloud oriented and dockerized web & mobile applications. I’m master’s student ...
Software Developer Software Developer - PHP, Laravel, Go, Node.js, Python
Fresno, California, United States (Can work remotely)
I really thrive on the backend, though I'm solid on the frontend as well. - I can create REST API's. - I can manage relational and NoSQL databases. (mostly Mongo and MySQL). - Know how to consume REST API's. - Solid in MVC. - A highly knowledgeable and te...
Golang developper with great experience in Docker and Devops environment. Golang developper with great experience in Docker and Devops environment. - Golang, Docker, Jenkins, Linux
Bournemouth, United Kingdom (Can work remotely)
Most updated CV with all recent projects https://goo.gl/vDdp7H From 2005 - HTML, CSS, Javascript From 2009 - Linux and Windows Sysadmin – Bash, Nginx, PHP, Mysql From 2013 - Docker, Jquery, Voip, Freeswitch, Postgresql, Litespeed From 2015 -...
Product Developer Product Developer - Golang, Typescript, SQL, UX, Web standards
Tallinn, Estonia (Can work remotely)
My experience is about 60% front end and 40% back end, with design and product development skills. Everything from designing a sound SQL schema to making UX decisions and defining lean experiments. My area of weakness is DevOps. - I've built for the web since ...