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Developer Developer - Golang, Java, Javascript, AngularJS, Git
Bangkok, Thailand
Golang, Java, Javascript, AngularJS, Git, MongoDB, Linux, macOSX, typescript - Develope Order management system for Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (dtac) Thailand Retailer web application...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, React.js, PHP, MySql, Elasticsearch
Bangalore, India (Can work remotely)
Skills- 1) Programming in multiple language(Go, PHP, Javascript and Java). 2) Full-stack developer - Authored web applications from backend to frontend mostly using PHP, Node and React. Go is new in my stack and wrote basic microservices in Go for experiments....
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Go, Python, Postgresql, Django
Portland, Oregon, United States (Can work remotely)
I like writing backend APIs and services in Go and Python. I have also worked with huge monolithic applications in Django. - A few projects I have worked on include a large scale warehouse management system written in Django. This had a predictive purchasing a...
Software engineer Software engineer - Golang,Gin, Java, Symfony2
Bogotá, Colombia, Colombia (Can work remotely)
Interesting in modern technologies such as AngularJs, Cordova,Ionic, NodesJS, Go Lang, Docker. I have also worked with python, Symfony2, CodeIgniter, Spring ,JavaServer Faces,Primefaces,myfaces, omnifaces, Postgres,Mysql. - I have interests in Computer secur...
Lead engineer Lead engineer - Golang, Python, Node.js
Mumbai, India (Can work remotely)
I am polyglot programmer, and in my career of 4+ years, I've had experience in almost every major programming language. - I've written two major project in golang. One of these major project is "khabar", a notification engine, which is open source. (https://gi...
DevOps/Software Engineer DevOps/Software Engineer - Golang, Python, Shell, *nix, DevOps
Hanoi, Viet Nam (Can work remotely)
I have strong knowledge about *nix systems, the POSIX shell, Python and some experience with Go - I have experience in building high available backend systems, API, automating system taks...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, docker, kubernetes, linux, performance
Vigo, Spain (Can work remotely)
- Good knowledge of OS (Linux, Solaris) and programming languages (Golang, Bash, Java, Groovy) - Ability to learn quickly and use modern software (Docker, Kubernetes) and cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform) - Experience with agile de...
Web-developer Web-developer - Golang, PHP, AWS, Javascript, Linux
Minsk, Belarus (Can work remotely)
My actual tech stack: ------------------------- OS: Linux (Ubuntu, AWS Linux AMI etc.); Languages: PHP (Yii2, Laravel5.x), Golang, JS (native, jquery, node); DB: mysql, sqlite, redis, DynamoDb; Cloud: AWS (EC2, ECS, S3, SQS, SES, LB, Elastic Beanstalk, Dy...
CEO, Senior Software Engineer CEO, Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Angular, Java, Python
Hyattsville, Maryland, United States (Can work remotely)
I love back-end work, especially in Go. I have experience in Java and Scala, as well as some Clojure in JVM environments. I enjoy working on full stack systems and have taken a liking to AngularJS even though JavaScript is not a language I am particularly fond...
Developper Developper - Golang, MySQL, Appengine
Paris, France (Can work remotely)
Web go application, Appengine, Concurrency pattern, Unit tests - Golang addict...