Senior Software Engineer, and other open Go / Golang positions

Jobs in USA and Canada only.

Apcera, Inc. Senior Software Engineer - Apcera, Inc.   (February 2014)
San Francisco, California, United States
At Apcera, we don’t shy away from solving hard problems, while being mindful to avoid “not invented here” syndrome. We write most of our code in Go, but we strive to choose the best tool for each job. We dip into C and other languages from time to time. ...
Axiom Zen Polyglot Software Engineer - Axiom Zen   (February 2014)
Vancouver, Canada
Axiom Zen is looking for sharp and meticulous engineers with a passion for software quality to join our unique collective in Vancouver. Ideal candidates will have deep knowledge of web or mobile technology, software design patterns and best practices as well a...
Splice Backend Software Engineer - Splice   (February 2014)
Santa Monica, California, United States
As a member of the Splice engineering team, you will design and implement the music industry’s next generation web platform. Splice offers a rich platform focusing on helping artists better create, collaborate and distribute. The backbone of this platfor...
Docker Inc Software Engineer - Docker Inc   (February 2014)
San Francisco, California, United States
Your responsibilities will include: being a contributor to the Docker project, which means contributing patches, and reviewing and merging pull requests from the community; working on some server-side applications; participate in product discussions, infl...
Moovweb Backend Platform Developer - Moovweb   (January 2014)
San Francisco, California, United States
We're looking to expand our platform development team with your talent as a “full stack” engineer . You'll be working at the heart of what makes Moovweb successful; its cloud platform for website virtualization and the accompanying SDK. You’ll be addi...

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