Golang / Go Profile: Software Architect

Software Architect - C, C++, Linux , Go, Python

Located in: 🇮🇳 India › New Delhi
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

Working full time Remotely/Telecommute from home(New Delhi/India) since last 3 years, as C++ architect with Aurea.com/Crossover.com
 17 years of extensive industry experience in full software life cycle of requirement definitions, architecture, design, implementation, integration, product development & technical leadership.
 Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
 Extensive experience on Git, Jira, Jenkins, Teamcity,Atlassian.
 Extensive experience on Unit testing(gtest,gmock,cppunit,junit)
 Extensive experience on AWS(EC2/S2/S3/SSD/HDD/RDS/Amazon Aurora, Public IP, Spot Instance), Amazon Linux(Disk partitioning,Formatting), Dockerization.
 More than 12 years of experience in designing, coding and testing variety of scalable, high performance, low latency software applications using C/ C++.
 One year experience on Financial Product, LoanIQ for commercial, syndicated lending business.
 7 years of industry experience on Telecom domain like CAMEL/TCAP/INAP/MAP/SS7/RADIUS/DIAMETER/VOIP
 Experience in executing projects in teams working in different time zones across globe.
 Worked extensively on Linux and Unix Operating systems
 Implemented socket programming, Shared Memory, Message Queues, Multithreading.
 Deep level experience and expertise on data structures, algorithms(sorting, BST, HashTables, Graphs, Linked List etc) including space and time complexities.
 Deep level expertise and experience of mathematical concepts like Algebra, trigonometry, probability.
 Worked on software systems supporting terabytes and petabytes of data load.
 Excellent analytical, logical, documentation, communication and programming skills.
 Experience in software designing using UML, Rational rose.
 Worked extensively on databases like Oracle, Informix, and DB2.Tuning using hint/indexing.
 Extensive Work experience in resolving memory leakage, High CPU consumption issues, Performance& real time response issues.
 Understanding and work experience on hardware sizing concepts
 In-depth knowledge of C++ Rest, Restful APIs/Json/Web Services
 Good knowledge of WebRTC, GTK+, Rust Programming language, BlockChain/Crypto, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, J2EE, Struts, Hybernate, Spring, Caching Mechanism, HTML, Flask, web.py, or SimpleHTTPServer, Sql-Alchemy

C, C++, Linux , Go, Python

What I look for
Go/Python positions
New Delhi, India

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