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Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - C, ShellScript, Golang, Engineering, Java
Paulinia SP, Brazil (Can work remotely)
Android, C, Golang, Shell Script, tooling, Haskell, Javascript, HTML, XSLT, git, electronics, rehab engineering covers some of my skills. Love to learn new technologies. Like to see the 'big picture' of anything I'm working with. - BS in Electrical Engineering...
Full-Stack Software Engineer Full-Stack Software Engineer - Golang, Python, Google App Engine, Web Development
Delhi, India (Can work remotely)
Python, Google App Engine, Java, Android, Golang, C, Web Development, SEO, Bootstrap. - Passionate Full Stack Developer & hobbyist designer who loves to create stunning products. Experienced and proficient with Python, Google App Engine, Java, Android, Golang,...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, Low level Optimization, Concurrent Programming, Functional Programming, OOP
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States (Can work remotely)
I am good at learning new languages, and solving problems. I am a good framework and API designer. I hate repeated, unclear, or verbose code. I like writing short, clear code with comments as needed. - I got a bachelor's in CS and Classics from Carleton Coll...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, Unity3D, Virtual Reality, Software Engineering, AWS
Seattle, Washington, United States
Go (Proficient) - Web: gin, gorilla/mux, websockets, architecture of REST API - Command line: cli, tablewriter, end-to-end custom applications, client side SDK for making API calls AWS (Comfortable) - EC2, S3, DynamoDB: deployed a Go web server on EC2 She...
Senior Software Engineer > 9 years as web/mobile dev, 2.5 years Go expirience Senior Software Engineer > 9 years as web/mobile dev, 2.5 years Go expirience - Golang, NoSQL, Redis
Mostly located in Europe, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
I love backend stuff: HTTP serving, APIs, data mining, querying, analysing, caching & high-load optimisation Also I have wide DevOPs experience including Docker. - I founded a wide range of projects using wide tech stack and knowledge. Through this process, I...
Senior Software Expert Senior Software Expert - Polyglot developer. 49000 hours experience.
bristol, United Kingdom (Can work remotely)
Hands on software dev in multiple languages and multiple domains. Engineering / Scientific / Mathematical emphasis. Plus leadership, management, and influence. Business savvy. A people person. - Most recent first: Senior Software Expert for Engineering Con...
Ruby on Rails and Go developer Ruby on Rails and Go developer - Ruby on Rails, Golang
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
Ruby on Rails, RSpec, PostgreSQL, Thinking Sphinx, Bash script, Nginx, Ansible, Heroku, WebRTC, Golang - I love FOSS and compiled programming languages such as C and Go. Checkout on Github my Twitter fetcher written on Golang and some modes for Emacs. Also e...
Software Engineering Consultant Software Engineering Consultant - Go, Golang, Javascript, Python, Linux
Malmö, Sweden (Can work remotely)
Software architecture, development and auditing with a laser focus on security and clarity. Specialities include networking and distributed systems. Specific experience of implementing large systems in Go, Javascript, Python and Ruby. Primarily on Linux, Solar...
Developer Developer - Golang, Java, Javascript, AngularJS, Git
Bangkok, Thailand
Golang, Java, Javascript, AngularJS, Git, MongoDB, Linux, macOSX, typescript - Develope Order management system for Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (dtac) Thailand Retailer web application...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, React.js, PHP, MySql, Elasticsearch
Bangalore, India (Can work remotely)
Skills- 1) Programming in multiple language(Go, PHP, Javascript and Java). 2) Full-stack developer - Authored web applications from backend to frontend mostly using PHP, Node and React. Go is new in my stack and wrote basic microservices in Go for experiments....
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