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Platform Reliability engineer Platform Reliability engineer - Golang, Performance, Scalability, Monitoring, Tooling
Gistel, Belgium (Can work remotely)
My skills based on the past year are primarily performance, scalability and reliability for distributed systems. However, I believe one of my strongest skills is that I am a very quick learner and can adapt quickly to new situations. - For the past year, I've ...
Consultant Consultant - Golang, Postgres, Bash, APIs
San Francisco, California, United States (Can work remotely)
I'm a core contributor to the Go language. I've been working a lot in Go recently, but am familiar with many different languages and can get up to speed quickly with anything. My last projects have been in Javascript, Python, PHP, and Go. - I've worked at Twil...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - golang vuejs
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil (Can work remotely)
I'm good at building software, from the database to the application. I also apply heavy doses of pragmatism, compromising whenever I can. I strive to deliver the best software, taking my time to write tests and carefully craft the application. I tend to use Go...
Lead Software Engineer Lead Software Engineer - Golang, Java, AWS, Groovy, Scala
Brussels, Belgium (Can work remotely)
Amazon services I worked with: CloudFormation, S3, CloudFront, Glacier, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, CloudSearch, Lambda, ACM, Cognito, CloudWatch) I wrote many small utilities in last year in Go, please look at my Github profile or read my CV to get the idea. I have...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, python, linux, security, automation
Santa Monica, California, United States
I have two key obsessions, automation and security. I love making complicated tasks happen at the click of a button (Or better yet, CRON!) and I love breaking things/making them secure. - I have primarily worked on Drupal based L(A|E)MP stacks, but I have bee...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Go language, Python, C Language, Systems, Backend
Rotterdam NL, Netherlands (Can work remotely)
Hi there! My name is João Henrique and I am a self-taught developer with about 16 years of experience with software development, I acquired a vast experience in many programming languages, frameworks and all the phases in a software development cycle. I also ...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - C, ShellScript, Golang, Engineering, Java
Paulinia SP, Brazil (Can work remotely)
Android, C, Golang, Shell Script, tooling, Haskell, Javascript, HTML, XSLT, git, electronics, rehab engineering covers some of my skills. Love to learn new technologies. Like to see the 'big picture' of anything I'm working with. - BS in Electrical Engineering...
Full-Stack Software Engineer Full-Stack Software Engineer - Golang, Python, Google App Engine, Web Development
Delhi, India (Can work remotely)
Python, Google App Engine, Java, Android, Golang, C, Web Development, SEO, Bootstrap. - Passionate Full Stack Developer & hobbyist designer who loves to create stunning products. Experienced and proficient with Python, Google App Engine, Java, Android, Golang,...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, Low level Optimization, Concurrent Programming, Functional Programming, OOP
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States (Can work remotely)
I am good at learning new languages, and solving problems. I am a good framework and API designer. I hate repeated, unclear, or verbose code. I like writing short, clear code with comments as needed. - I got a bachelor's in CS and Classics from Carleton Coll...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, Unity3D, Virtual Reality, Software Engineering, AWS
Seattle, Washington, United States
Go (Proficient) - Web: gin, gorilla/mux, websockets, architecture of REST API - Command line: cli, tablewriter, end-to-end custom applications, client side SDK for making API calls AWS (Comfortable) - EC2, S3, DynamoDB: deployed a Go web server on EC2 She...
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