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Engineering Manager Engineering Manager - golang, C++, Python, mongoDB, git
PUNE, India (Can work remotely)
Most my professional experience is circled around C, C++. I started working on golang a year ago and have been working on in-house and open source projects. I also have hands-on experience with mongoDB, python and git. - I have been a software developer for 12...
Junior Software Engineer Junior Software Engineer - C#, NodeJS, Golang, Python, AngularJS
Puerto Cortés, Honduras (Can work remotely)
Backend and frontend web development Knowledge of C/C++, C#, python, javascript and Go. C++ Win32 development as well as some DirectX Handling of legacy systems and updating/upgrading them Usage of databases which include MSSQL, MongoDB, MySql, and Postgre...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang Perl Java C++ Linux
Annapolis, Maryland, United States (Can work remotely)
20+ years of professional development and administration experience Strong C/C++ (including QT), Java, Perl, awk, some Ruby & some Python Strong Linux administration experience. Includes application hardware support, ILO monitoring and more Strong Lin...
Middle Software Engineer Middle Software Engineer - Golang, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, Redis
Moscow, Russian Federation
In my work I differentiate between business-related and technical problems. I have experience in setting and prioritising target goals and delegating tasks to team members. I have experience of building working processes, training a personnel and the smooth in...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - PHP, Go, Api, Easy, Fast
Curitiba, Brazil (Can work remotely)
PHP, GoLang, SQL, NoSQL, AWS, Ajax, WebServices, Resful, Python, Java - I have a long journey with apps development. I always loved the technology and my first contact with a PC happened with an Intel 80286 in 1990 and my first software was 1993 with Turbo Pas...
Golang Develloper Golang Develloper - Golang, Git, C, Bash, TDD, Web-Components, Optimization, Algorithms, Javascript.
Lamorlaye, France (Can work remotely)
I'm a quick and creative thinker who is not afraid to take on challenges from a whole new angle. Golang is my language of choice, but i'm also proficient with C, C++ and Javascript. I know my way very well around a terminal. I prefer to work with Vi as my text...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - golang, mongodb, swift, websocket, aws
Kolkata, India (Can work remotely)
golang, swift, objective-c, web socket, - 5+ years experience in Mobile Apps (iOS/Android) development and 8+ years in architecting Backend/REST API development using bleeding edge technologies. I'm detail oriented, hardworking, and believe in Agile-TDD-CI met...
Student Student - python java security rest
Durham, North Carolina, United States (Can work remotely)
I am proficient in Python and Java. I have used a variety of REST APIs and have built some of my own. I am familiar with Linux (Ubuntu) systems and security concepts. - I am currently a student and will graduate in May 2016 with a B.S. Computer Science. I h...
Full Stack Engineer - DevOps Full Stack Engineer - DevOps - Golang, Python, AWS, Linux, Networking, System
Berlin, Germany (Can work remotely)
- Golang, Python, JS, C, Bash, Lua, Java/Swift - DevOps, Linux System Programming, Networking, Sysadmin - Docker, AWS, Linux Internals, Virtualization, Web Services and Micro Architectures, REST - Sql: mySql Postgresql, noSql: mongo,redis,couchdb - concurr...
Creative Developer Creative Developer - Golang, NodeJS, SQL/noSQL, Angular, Backbone
Budapest, Hungary (Can work remotely)
UI/UX design, branding, marketing management, frontend development, backend development, iOS development, software architectures (three tier & worker tier, distributed computing). - I'm Árpád, 24, creative technologist with a background of marketing, design ...
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