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Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, React, .NET
Houston, Texas, United States
.NET, C++, golang, team leading, coaching, react, node.js - I'm software developer/team lead in Schlumberger for a last 10 years. Schlumberger is an oil service company, delivers full range of service for oil companies. I'm a part of software department....
Senior Software Engineer. Senior Software Engineer. - GoLang, Ruby, C, JS, Lisp, Scala
Chennai, India (Can work remotely)
Mostly programming, as mentioned above. - Been a PHP Developer for many yrs before my comeback and eventually became a Rails developer. For past yr and a half i have been programming in Go, Nodejs , Scala. I am extremely enthusiastic about new technology. An...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Geospatial, Cryptography, PHP, Postgres
Victoria, Canada (Can work remotely)
- 15 years software development experience working with Go, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Java, Postgres, and MySQL. - Deep understanding of geospatial with extensive experience in associated technologies including QGIS, ArcGIS, PostGIS, OpenLayers, Leaflet, OSM ...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS, CoreOS, Thrift
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Good as backend developer. System architecture, binary protocols. Integration of heterogeneous systems. - Moved to Amsterdam from Russia. Using golang to implement distributed architectures. In the past, I am using Erlang and C....
Senior developer Senior developer - Golang, Ruby, Javascript, Postgres
Paris, France (Can work remotely)
I write idiomatic Golang, and Ruby code: this allows me to ship very fast, but also to write fast code where it matters. I can not live without tests. I can also handle my Javascript (React & Redux, please), but I would rather not, because I am terrible at d...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, python, C, (No)SQL, Perl
Zaragoza, Spain (Can work remotely)
Hard-worker, tenacious, code reviewer, perfectionist with regards to the tests. - I was leading the development of OpenChange project (https://openchange.org), an open-source Microsoft Exchange alternative with its groupware backend (https://sogo.nu) written i...
Backend Developer Backend Developer - NodeJS, Golang, C#, PHP, AngularJS/ReactJS
Mexico City, Mexico (Can work remotely)
My Skills in NodeJS: ExpressJS, KoaJS, Webpack, Gulp; Golang: net/http, Gin, Martini, Gorilla Mux, Beego; PHP: Codeigniter, Laravel, FuelPHP; C#: MVC3/4; jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, Git, ES6. - I'm currently a C# developer looking to make the transiti...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang Node.js Ruby
Singapore, Singapore
I have been working as full stack engineer for many kind of programming languages such as Golang, Node.js and Ruby. Experiences in Startup environment. - I am passionated software engineer who willing to learn new technologies. I have over 3 years experiences ...
Senior Backend Developer Senior Backend Developer - Golang, REST, NoSQL, PHP, JavaScript
Florianopolis, Brazil (Can work remotely)
I really like to develop API Rest and I have done that for a couple of years. In the last year I started using Docker, Rkt, AWS, I developed some tools to communicate to Amazon Web Service. But I already worked a lot with PHP, I develop good projects with C, C...
Parallel Programming Researcher Parallel Programming Researcher - Golang, HPC, C++, Google App Engine
Munich, Germany (Can work remotely)
I have been working in the various HPC areas for almost ten years, including for example serving as a member of a forum specifying a new programming model. - I have the same job as Batman (scientist), but there is more: I am a software developer by passion, a ...
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