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X-Formation C++/Golang Software Engineer - X-Formation   (April 2014)
Krakow, Poland
Quality over quantity What distinguishes us from other software companies is our ability to roll out frequent releases that deliver very high quality software products. At X-Formation you can forget about senseless meetings and brace yourself for work under...
SwiftKey Cloud Developer - SwiftKey   (October 2015)
London, United Kingdom
SwiftKey keyboards (Android and iOS) are powered by web-based services to enhance the user experience. Those services, commonly known as SwiftKey Cloud, contribute to make Swiftkey the top keyboard in the mobile market. As an engineer working in SwiftKey Cl...
MongoDB Cloud Servies Engineer - MongoDB   (October 2015)
New York, New York, United States
Join the fastest growing engineering team at MongoDB! We are looking for a server-side engineer to join us in building the best database management system for the leading next-generation database server. The MongoDB Cloud management service, Cloud Manager, is ...
Intel Cloud Validation Engineer - Intel   (August 2015)
Guadalajara, Mexico
The SDI (Software Defined Infrastructure) Team is driving innovation for the future of intelligent cloud computing. We are looking for engineers experienced at validating advanced cloud solutions. As a cloud validation engineer you will work as part of a team...
Heroku Command Line Interface Developer - Heroku   (May 2014)
San Francisco, California, United States (Remote possible)
The Heroku UI Engineering team is dedicated to beautiful, usable, and valuable interfaces. We’re highly collaborative, make decisions in minutes, and ship features in hours. We believe in getting customer validation early, verifying with real data, but also ...
Novetta Solutions Computer Scientist - Novetta Solutions   (May 2014)
Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
Position Description: Novetta Solutions is seeking a talented Computer Scientist to work in a Linux environment, writing shell scripts, working with and integrating open-source software, managing servers, and lots of big data. You will be part of a team of de...
Sentient Technologies Contract Go Engineer - Distributed Artificial Intelligence - Sentient Technologies   (June 2015)
San Francisco, California, United States (Remote possible)
Sentient has built the largest compute grid dedicated to distributed artificial intelligence. And we're making it bigger. Much bigger. We're applying cutting-edge techniques in deep learning, computer vision, distributed computing, and evolutionary alg...
Good Dog Labs, LLC Core Microservices Developer - Good Dog Labs, LLC   (October 2017)
Boston, Massachusetts, United States (Remote possible)
Join us and make an enormous impact in a hyper growth Cybersecurity field! Good Dog Labs, LLC is looking for passionate core developers and engineers to help us make a significant impact in the Identity and Access Management industry. You can help develop t...
Apple Inc Core Systems Developer, #Golang #Lasers #Apple - Apple Inc   (May 2015)
Cupertino, California, United States
We are looking for senior full stack engineer who has experience integrating with hardware to help lead the next generation of products we build. You should like solving problems that no one has solved yet and care about the impact of your product. You are mor...
CVING srl CTO - CVING srl   (October 2017)
Milano, Italy
Cving has invited you to register a pending interview for the Job position of backend programmer for CVING. 
 We are looking for a GOLAN programmer or alternatively Python or Ruby with management skills, whos able to develop and manage the processes of the...

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