Golang / Go Profile: Senior Software Engineer - Company

Senior Software Engineer - Company - Golang, NodeJS, PHP, ReactJS, Ruby

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › Delaware › Wilmington
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

Intelligentbee is a custom software development company based in Delaware with operations in US, EU and UK. We've proved to be a trusted scaling partner to our clients around the world by providing contracting and consulting services for web and mobile solutions that deliver significant value to their users.

Knowing Node.JS and Golang inside out is not enough for us. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience with React.JS, Ruby on Rails, PHP/Symfony3+, Nginx, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS, Heroku. The list goes on.
Keeping up with changing front-end technologies can be hard, but here at IntelligentBee our collaborative work ethic means that we’re always on top of the latest trends and cutting edge tools. Using the wide range of skills that our diverse team has to offer, we’re the definition of perfect teamwork.

We create web applications written in Node.JS and Golang as core technologies, but also Ruby on Rails and PHP/Symfony where the situation allows us to. For real-time systems we go with Node.js, however when we need to handle high loads, Golang is our go-to language. We're seasoned in data storage technologies with both relational databases and NoSQL solutions. We are avid fans of Redis for key-value storage and RabbitMQ for messaging. But the list keeps going with other products for specific needs like ElasticSearch, Ceph, Jenkins, Docker, etc.
When it comes to hosting, we have extensive experience with both the classical hardware, but also modern cloud based hosting solutions. Specific stacks are designed for each project, with the needs of the application in mind, but without sacrificing robustness and performance.

Think of a honeycomb and you’ll understand how nature designs connections. For us, integration and connectivity is crucial. As we begin to bring all of our needs closer together through technology, making it all work has never been more important. That’s why IntelligentBee is at the forefront of this shift, because we understand how important it is to link services, tools and apps to one another seamlessly, through 3rd party but also homemade APIs.

What I look for
We are looking for positions where we can mainly code in GoLang, NodeJS, iOS, Android but we also have experience with Ruby (on Rails), PHP (Symfony3+), Nginx, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS, Heroku. The list goes on.
Remote work. Dedicated devs/teams or by project

How to contact me
Send us a message here https://intelligentbee.com/contact or email us directly hello@intelligentbee.com

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