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Vungle Senior Software Engineer - Vungle   (January 2016)
San Francisco, California, United States
Ad Serving is the core to Vungle’s success. Our pod is responsible for architecting and building our entire ad serving infrastructure. Currently, that infrastructure handles over a billion events per day and has an exponential growth curve. We’re an innova...
HouseCare Lead Engineer at Tokyo Sharing Economy Startup - HouseCare   (June 2015)
Tokyo, Japan
Care to challenge the status quo and achieve work-life balance in every phase of life? Want to use bleeding edge technology to build a web marketplace that creates flexible jobs and supports the sharing economy? HouseCare is hiring two lead engineers in Tokyo ...
CoinPass Sr. Full-Stack Engineer - CoinPass   (April 2015)
Tokyo, Japan
Come help us create the future of distributed blockchain applications! We're looking for passionate, creative developers who are excited about solving new problems. As a Sr. Full-Stack Engineer, you'll code in server-side golang, access various data stores in...

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