Software Engineer (Go), and other open Go / Golang positions

Work on Go from wherever you want in the world, apply for remote jobs.

HashRabbit, Inc. Software Engineer (Go) - HashRabbit, Inc.   (February 2015)
San Francisco, California, United States (Remote possible)
We’re constantly thinking of new and interesting ways to improve Bitcoin and bitcoin mining. Our clan is seeking players skilled in Go. At HashRabbit, you’ll be involved in every step of the process from strategic planning to participating in frequent raid...
Honest Dollar GO Developers/Engineers - Honest Dollar   (February 2015)
Austin, Texas, United States (Remote possible)
Software developers/engineera for a new fintech startup; Honest Dollar. We're located in Austin and looking to displace a lot of the financial services/Financial advisors. It is not a roboadvisor, but rather a completely different way of approaching finance. S...
AgFlow Software Specialist - Data Engineering - AgFlow   (January 2015)
Geneva, Switzerland (Remote possible)
AgFlow is hiring a software engineer master. Geneva‬ or ‪Remote Work‬ Join our team of top-notch software developers, who work hard, have fun, and make history. You will develop our backend systems. You will apply data mining and statistical algo...
TUNE GO Data Ingestion with - TUNE   (January 2015)
Seattle, Washington, United States (Remote possible)
Develop GO app for data ingestion pipeline and deploy for analytic reporting. Functions of GO app: 1. Read logs from SQS 2. Make business decisions 3. Create batch files of logs 4. Load batch files into You'll be responsible for det... Back-end Software Engineer -   (December 2014)
South Amboy, New Jersey, United States (Remote possible)
We're seeking developers passionate about Golang to join our world-class "dream team" of developers and work on building out our next-generation REST and socket based APIs, powered by microservices using Docker, Golang, Python, and MySQL. We're a small tec...
Tune Real-time ETL GO app for Ad-hoc Insights - Tune   (October 2014)
Seattle, Washington, United States (Remote possible)
Develop real-time ETL app in GO to empower ad-hoc reporting insights. Functions of GO app: 1. Read logs from SQS 2. Query AeroSpike 3. Make business decisions 4. Update AeroSpike 5. Create batch files of logs 6. Load batch files into InfiniDB...
Couchbase Sr. Software Engineer, Couchbase Mobile - Couchbase   (September 2014)
Any, United States (Remote possible)
You will design and implement backend components for Couchbase Mobile -- which is a native mobile database that runs on iOS, Android, and .NET platforms which can transparently sync data to Couchbase Server running in a public or private cloud. You will be pa...
Meteora Software Engineer - Meteora   (September 2014)
Dallas, Texas, United States (Remote possible)
Hi! We are in need of a few full time software engineers that are excited and competent in high frequency big data systems. Most of the team works remote from multiple countries. We are based in Dallas, TX.. well funded and ready to expand our features. You wi...
Raise Awareness Ltd Go odd-jobs for fundraising platform (eventual full-time a possibility!) - Raise Awareness Ltd   (September 2014)
London, United Kingdom (Remote possible)
We're launching a fundraising platform in London late October. See for a totally pre-alpha overview. I'm looking for a sharp Go coder who can be "another me" to begin with, working on a widespread # of tasks that could include anything f...
StackEngine Senior Platform Developer - StackEngine   (September 2014)
Austin, Texas, United States (Remote possible)
Do you love Go and its simplicity and power for building apps and tools? Have you been looking for a place where you can write production Go code? Welcome to StackEngine! StackEngine is a hot, Austin-based startup – early-stage and funded – building so...

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