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Adventurer for Hire! - golang, python, aws, security, leadership

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › California › Los Angeles
Looking for: Freelance - Can work remotely

Software developer with 14 years experience available for consulting engagements.


I specialize in Open Source solutions. Below are a few of my favorite tools. If you need expertise in a technology not listed, just ask - there’s a good chance I’ve used it before.

Languages: Python - I’ve taught classes on it, Go (golang) - I’ve published several fairly popular Open Source libraries, Ruby, Bash, Java

Databases: PostgreSQL, Neo4j, MySQL, MongoDB, RDS, SQLAlchemy

Tools: Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Chef, Test Kitchen, Packer, Pentaho Kettle (PDI), Git, Git-flow, Rundeck

Frameworks: Django, Flask, Sinatra, Rails

Platforms: Ubuntu Linux, Debian, CentOS, OpenBSD

Cloud: AWS, EC2, S3, EBS, ELB, ECS, Route 53, Autoscaling, Cloudformation


Infrastructure Automation | Pearson | 2015
Designed and built an automated AWS infrastructure for testing and deployment of a multi-tier NodeJS/MongoDB application. Used Rundeck to put a multi-user web GUI on top of Ansible deployment scripts, and integrated with Jenkins for automated testing.
Reduced deployment time by 95%. Reduced system downtime by 75%

Infrastructure Best Practices | LocumList | 2015
Audited the AWS infrastructure of a pre-release Ruby application for security and devops best practices. Coached client’s dev staff in infrastructure automation using Ansible and continuous testing using Jenkins. Ensured client’s application will be reliable and scalable on public launch. Eliminated several security vulnerabilities.

Software Development | Activision | 2014
Rewrote authentication middleware for Call of Duty mobile apps to support major changes a vendor API. The middleware, written in Golang, mediated between application requests over a Thrift API and the vendor’s REST API. Delivered well-tested mission critical software on an urgent timeline, ensuring zero downtime to a live production system with millions of users.

Software Development | ClearCare | 2014
Wrote software in Python to integrate a Django/PostgreSQL cloud business application with the Quickbooks Online RESTful API. Delivered stable, well-tested code responsible for payroll of nearly 100,000 employees.

Advisory Consulting | WhiteHat Security | 2013
Advised company leadership on platform options for replacing a monolithic intranet application with a modern service ­oriented architecture. Wrote, benchmarked, and evaluated several prototypes based on competing platforms. Ensured company leaders were well-informed and could move forward with confidence.

Technical Training | eBay, Yahoo, & Stanford | 2012 - 2013
Taught classroom training courses for employees at several large Silicon Valley organizations. Instructed over 200 students in Introductory SQL, Introductory Python, and Advanced Python. Developed custom curriculum focused on company’s internal tools.

Software Development | Harvard Medical School | 2009 - 2012
Designed and built an open source disease research application, ESP Health (esphealth.org). Collaborated with physicians and researchers to develop ground breaking algorithms able to reliably detect more than a dozen diseases based on raw EMR data. Named as co-author of several published scientific research papers.

What I look for
* Bespoke software development * Infrastructure automation * Debugging / fixing hard problems * Technical training and coaching * Prototyping * Data transformation (ETL) * Best practices audit * Technical advisor
REMOTE; Los Angeles; Miami; Tokyo; Shanghai; Beijing; Ho Chi Minh City; Seoul; Singapore; Berlin; Madrid; Barcelona; Rome; Moscow; Kiev; Rio de Janiero; Sao Paulo; Florianopolis; Buenos Aires; Cape Town; Sydney; anywhere in the world with a nice beach

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Additional information

Github: jmcvetta
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

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