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Backend Software Engineer - go, micro-services, Data, Ops, GCP, kubernetes
Paris, France (Can work remotely)
Golang, Data processing, ETL, SOA, GIS, notification services, api scraping, web scraping - Backend software engineer with experience in handling data, mapping, scraping, micro services, building lare scale geo databases, and ops. I also have a brief experien...
Software Engineer - Golang Node.js Ruby
Singapore, Singapore
ruby, golang, node.js - I'm passionated software engineer with over 3 years experiences from Yangon(Myanmar). I hold BSc (Hons)BIT Degree, IADCS, and IDCS Diploma. I love coding. I'm interested in new technologies (web, mobile), Entrepreneurship and Informatio...
Software Developer - Golang, HTML, CSS, Java, Artificial Intelligence
Nijmegen, Netherlands (Can work remotely)
I can work very well in a team, using Go/Git is one of my hobbies. I have quite some experience building websites/webservices. Fluent in English and Dutch, as well as a little German (which will soon improve!). - I've worked as a freelance webdeveloper (using ...
Senior Software Engineer - GO-Lang, RESTFul Services, C#, Redis, My SQL, MS SQL Server,
Bangalore, India
I am a software professional with experience in working at small nice companies, as well as large enterprises. I have an ability to understand and work with complex complex systems. I have designed and developed various projects from the start to deployment. ...
Web Developer II - Golang, Angular, React, MongoDB, MySql
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States
Golang (2 years) Javascript (2.5 years) - spanning NodeJS, JQuery, AngularJS, React C# (6 months) PHP (6 months) HTML/CSS (2.5 years) - I have been a full-time Go Developer for 2 years at the same company. I am a full-stack developer and am responsible for...
Software Developer - Go/Golang - Go, Golang, SQL, SMTP, AWS
Moscow, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
Golang, SQL, SMTP, AWS - Software developer for about ten years with a background in computer science. MBA....
Software Developer - golang, postgres, hardworking, team player, creative
Porto, Portugal (Can work remotely)
golang, postgres, hardworking, creative, team player - Started my career on IT world at Movvo, and I an currently there after 2 years....
Senior/Lead Software Developer - Golang, Docker, Nodejs, Front-End Development, React
Osaka, Japan (Can work remotely)
I have experience with Golang, Reactjs, Docker, Linux, NPM, Mongo, NodeJS, AngularJS, MYSQL, PHP (ordered by preference). I have experience with startups, I've worked at startups in various countries in Asia for the last 4 years. I've pretty much had every ha...
Embedded developer - Golang - Golang, .NET, React
Prague, Czech Republic (Can work remotely)
Golang, .NET, Scrum, JS - I started as a .NET developer in 2010 working on web projects, intranet sites and Sharepoint applications. After experiencing multiple projects I came to realisation that .NET corporate application development is too repetitive and it...
Developer - Problem solver, passionate, security, oss contributor
Copenhagen, Denmark (Can work remotely)
Am excellent working in backends. I can code into most languages, right now am in love with golang. Though I've worked with php, Perl, sh, c, Ruby, Erlang and other languages in the past without any difficulty. - I have worked mainly as developer swapping fro...