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Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Android, Java, Javascript, Cloud platforms
San Francisco, California, United States (Can work remotely)
Full stack, Java Android, Swift IOS, Google Go standard library and tools package I have design several SDKs in the past both mobile and web and looking to build REST API with Go. I have C++ skills as well, but I prefer Go. - I do mostly Android multimedia p...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Python, PHP
Stockholm, Sweden
Development, Architecture - Full Stack, Backend, Frontent....
Senior Software Engineer - golang, Linux, gtk, networking, backend
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Developing server software and backend programs, API design, network programming, Linux administration - Always ready for new challenges and willing to experiment, learn and help others. I am generally a pragmatist where I believe there’s always “the right...
Tech Lead - Golang, Java,Web Services, AngularJS, Responsive Design,MongoDB
Pleasanton, California, United States (Can work remotely)
GoLang, Java, MongDB, Web Services, Adobe AEM/CQ, HTML5,CSS,AngularJS and Responsive WebDesign. - Developed Scalable Web applications using Java, GoLang,web services. Expert on Javascript and responsive web design. Implemented Backend Jobs using GoLang....
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Nosql, Docker, RESTful, Perl
Chicago, Illinois, United States (Can work remotely)
Linux and Unix system administration, high-throughput distributed compute, development of RESTful APIs. Golang and C++ development. Docker, CoreOS, and Fleet experience. Experience with Openstack and VirtualBox. Programmed in Perl, Python, JavaScript, shell,...
Software Engineer - Golang, Scala, Clojure, Node.js, Javascript
Berlin, Germany
Software engineering, Scala, Clojure, Erlang, Golang, JavaScript, AWS, PostgreSQL, Apache Spark, Machine Learning. - Hi, I'm Denis. I'm back-end engineer working mostly with Scala last several years. I have 8+ years experience in software engineering including...
Software Engineer - GoLang, NoSql, JS, Node.js
Bangkok, Thailand (Can work remotely)
Go, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, MySql - Full stack web developer, specialization in PHP, JavaScript and Database (MySQL, MongoDB). Latest: Worked at Interkassa – first online-payments aggregator in CIS, develop product from scratch, launch, support, o...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang,Java,Android,Reactjs
Bangalore, Alaska, India
Android, Golang - Worked on Android and respective web services for it. https://github.com/hamsterhq/hamster/...
Software Engineer - full stack, cross platform development
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Can work remotely)
Go, git, C++, C, Java, HTML, Javascript, Ruby, Python, CSS, Qt, C#, crypto stuff like OpenSSL, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, open source development, distributed apps, desktop and mobile apps, Arduino, Raspberry, Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS - Worked for toggl.com mostly...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Python, Java, Openstack, Kubernetes
Beijing, China (Can work remotely)
C/C++/VB/CSharp programmer before 2008 Java coder begin with 2009 Java script player as First Class Function language, good at JQuery, RequireJS, interesting in NodeJS, AngularJS, shortly studying FirefoxOS Python source reviewing in Openstack Deployment fr...