Golang / Go Profile: Software Engineer

Software Engineer - full stack, cross platform development

Located in: 🇳🇱 Netherlands › Amsterdam
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

Worked for toggl.com mostly

Go, git, C++, C, Java, HTML, Javascript, Ruby, Python, CSS, Qt, C#, crypto stuff like OpenSSL, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, open source development, distributed apps, desktop and mobile apps, Arduino, Raspberry, Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS

What I look for
I am looking for a position, where I can use Go or possibly any other programming languages, like C++, JS etc. I'm a polyglot programmer. I'm also interested in cryptocurrencies, distributed systems, NoSQL databases like Cassandra. I do full stack (from front-end to backend, incl mobile), cross platform (Linux, OSX, Windows) development. Porting an older app to Go would be fun, but then again anything in Go is fun.
Ideally I'd like to work in Amsterdam; but I'm all for remote work as well. (My current gig is a 100% remote job).

How to contact me
Just drop me an e-mail, tanel.lebedev@gmail.com

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Additional information

Github: tanel
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

map of the developers location