Golang / Go Profile: Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer - Python, Golang, DevOps, Microservices, REST

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › Texas › Austin
Looking for: Permanent - Can work remotely

I've been a Python programmer for 10+ years focusing on service oriented architectures. I'm active in the Open Source community and have become a Core Review on Designate, the Openstack DNSaaS project. Most recently, I've been using Go (golang) to improve our DNS infrastructure and write tooling to better understand the bind9 DNS server performance at scale.

Backend services, command line applications, DevOps tooling and configuration management, Emacs!

What I look for
I'm looking for a position that would let me write golang. I'm also interested in leadership roles where I have an opportunity to help other developers grow as much as possible.
I'm happy to work remotely have done so for 5+ years. If remote opportunities are not an option, then I'd prefer to stay in Austin.

How to contact me
Please contact me through linkedin or via my email on github.

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