Golang / Go Profile: Full Stack Engineer - DevOps

Full Stack Engineer - DevOps - Golang, Python, AWS, Linux, Networking, System

Located in: 🇩🇪 Germany › Berlin
Looking for: Freelance - Can work remotely

Full Stack engineer with a lot of DevOps as backgroud. I work with Linux environments since 15 years.
I like working on interesting computing problems especially related system/networking and distributed computing (aka cloud).
As for programming skills, I have mainly programmed in Python before, now moving to Golang for better concurrency and performance.

- Golang, Python, JS, C, Bash, Lua, Java/Swift
- DevOps, Linux System Programming, Networking, Sysadmin
- Docker, AWS, Linux Internals, Virtualization, Web Services and Micro Architectures, REST
- Sql: mySql Postgresql, noSql: mongo,redis,couchdb
- concurrency: gevent, c threads, zmq, rabbitmq ...

What I look for
Mostly looking to help on some projects related to my skills with Golang. I like working with organized teams with clean workflows. Available for remote work.
Berlin, I work remotely. We can do skype/hangouts meetings. I can naturally adapt to timezones if the job is interesting enough .

How to contact me
You can find my contact on github/twitter or my website: http://sp4ke.com.

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