Golang / Go Profile: Senior Applications Developer

Senior Applications Developer - GoLang, Python, Objective-C, MongoDB, PHP

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › Pennsylvania › Lancaster
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

Developer with tons of experience with mobile, web, and embedded software stacks. I have experience with anything from assembly/PLCs to containerized web apps. I like challenges, and prefer to work on problems that are very difficult. I'm so adaptable and lateral-minded, people call me MacGuyver (no worries...I do not rock a sweet, sweet mullet).

I am very skilled at solving particularly difficult problems with code. To that end, I have been exposed to many, many languages and stacks. The stuff I care about is as follows, in somewhat of an order based on how much I like it:
* Go
* Objective-C (iOS or Mac)
* Security (pen testing, CTF challenges, etc)
* Python
* Arduino/IOT stuff
* Docker

What I look for
I am looking to write Go professionally, doing something worthwhile to hopefully improve people's lives or at least make them a little easier. I am very opinionated (but flexible) when it comes to software development, so I am looking for a team that values and expects nothing less. I want to work with a team of fellow toolmakers and craftsmen, making very high quality software.
Probably not much demand for Go developers in Lancaster, but I could work in Philly/Wilmington area as well as Baltimore. I am used to working remote as well. Of course, I can relocate if the right offer is presented.

How to contact me

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