Golang / Go Profile: Software engineer

Software engineer - php, devops, linux, git, laravel

Located in: 🇩🇪 Germany › Berlin
Looking for: Freelance - Can work remotely

I made an education as an IT specialist and after I started my studies in "Applied Computer Science" and also became self-employed.
I finished my studies in the beginning of 2014.
So far I worked as a software engineer and DevOp.

My strengths are in the area of backend development and far away from front end.
Until now I mostly worked with PHP and JavaScript.
I'm not only doing web related stuff but. For my bachelor thesis I implemented a full DHCP server with node.js
Beside programming I also love to work in the DevOps fields. I'm familiar with Linux, AWS, MySQL, Postgres, Redis and a lot of tools like Travis-CI, Codeship or git
I can work on my own but also love to be a member of a team.

What I look for
I already got some experience with Go but I would love to intensify my skills and knowledge with Go.

How to contact me
Just drop me a mail or write me via Twitter / Github

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