Golang / Go Profile: Golang Software Enginner

Golang Software Enginner - Golang, Docker, GCP, MySQL, PHP

Located in: 🇲🇽 Mexico › Montemorelos, Nuevo León
Looking for: Permanent - Can work remotely

Full-Stack Developer with +6 years of experience writing api rest for web and mobile applications using Golang, PHP, JS, Swift, SQL Server and others. I believe in the quality, cleanliness and management systems. If we don't take the time to do something right now, when would we do it? Focused on time and space algorithms complexity and unit testing. Love learning new things, very interested in Microservices.

Golang, Docker, GCP, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Swift, Objective-C, MongoDB, Linux, GitHub, Autodidact.

What I look for
I want to work with Golang, it doesn't matter if it's microservice, or monolith, containerized or not
I want to work remotely

How to contact me

Let them know you found their profile at https://www.golangprojects.com
(Everyone wants to know how they were found)

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