Golang / Go Profile: Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Java, Android, Angular, Kubernetes

Located in: 🇮🇳 India › Chennai
Looking for: Permanent

Senior software developer with 9 years of experience. Have hands-on expertise in the backend, frontend, devops (Kubernetes), and mobile application development. Built many Go packages and programs that are scalable and maintainable in recent years. I love to work more in Golang for a startup.

I love to solve technical problems by building web applications, libraries, and tools using Golang and Java. I have built two production-ready web applications and many libraries of my own in Golang. Being a solo developer during the Golang web application progress I committed myself building frontend using Angular. I also have very good experience in running and scaling apps in Kubernetes and AWS infrastructure. I also have experience developing mobile apps in Android.

What I look for
I am a full-stack developer working in Freshworks. I prefer to be involved in all aspects of app development. Currently, I am leading SRE & Devops in AWS infra (Kubernetes) for a team in Freshworks. I enjoy coding in Golang. I built many web applications and libraries in Golang as a production/internal/side project. I built a project management tool in golang for our team's internal use. I build a trip planner application as a side project of my own. You can see my freshest work here: https://potobucket-1007.firebaseapp.com and Golang open-source libraries here https://github.com/sankarvj. Also, I have good experience in building Android apps.
Ideally, I want to work in the US, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and in France.

How to contact me
Please send me the message through LinkedIn

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