Golang / Go Profile: Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer - Golang,Node Js, Php, React Js, Elasticsearch, Dgraph, Mysql, Couchbase, Postgres, Mongo

Located in: 🇵🇰 Pakistan › Islamabad
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

I have been working since 2014 on software development as Full Stack developer. I have finished multiple projects, my clients were 100% satisfied with my performance. I have strong problem solving methods and qualification due to which never in my life, failed to satisfy my client.

Also have developed projects related to block chain, cloud native, eCommerce and Financial domains. My emphasis is on writing top quality and testable code. Microservice architecture is key aspect of my projects.

• Languages: Golang (Primary Language) ,Node Js, PHP, JavaScript,C#
• Messaging: Kafka
• DevOps : Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, AWS
• Version Control : Github, Bitbuck, Gitlab
• Project Management : Jira, Teamwork,Slack
• Frameworks/Libraries: gRPC,React,Revek,Gin,Codeignitor,Laravel,Angular.js,Elasticsearch
• Third Party API : ebay, Youtube,dropbox,Paypal,Nats,Google,Facebook
• Documentation Tool : Swagger, Postman
• CMS: WordPress
• IDE : Goland, VS Code, Visual Studio, NetBeans, Notepad++
• Operating System: Widows, Mac, Linux
• Databases: Mysql, Mongo, Redis, Couchbase, Neo4j,Dgraph, Postgres, Arango, Access

What I look for
I am looking to work in Golang, Node Js and React Js.
I am open to in any location or remote.

How to contact me
Contact through my linkedin profile.

Let them know you found their profile at https://www.golangprojects.com
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