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Golang / Go Profile: Sr. Backend Engineer

Sr. Backend Engineer - PHP, MySQL, Go, JS, API design

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

I am an experienced web application architect/developer with a preference for clean, simple applications and a prejudice against the obtuse. I love SCRUM and have a good sense of pragmatism to purity.

I have some experience with Go for REST APIs, service workers and gRPC services. I've worked for years on web applications, usually with RDBMS.

What I look for
I would love to be writing Go every day, especially on a remote/distributed team working on an early stage product.
Atlanta, GA

How to contact me
Contact me through Stackoverflow

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Additional information

Linkedin profile
Github: jcorry
Stackoverflow profile
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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