Golang / Go Profile: Senior Full Stack Engineer

Senior Full Stack Engineer - Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, RDBMS

Located in: πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United States β€Ί Colorado β€Ί Boulder
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

Hi my name is Franky and I love to code. I've been at it since my dad brought an AT IBM PC when I was 10. I started with BASIC, PASCAL and C, and haven't stopped having fun ever since.

β—‹ Android SDK (Mobile Apps)
β—‹ SWING, JFX, Applets
β—‹ Networking, I/O Streaming, Compression & Encryption
● J2EE and ORM
β—‹ SOA, RESTful WS (Jersey, Restlet, RESTEasy) β—‹ GlassFish ESB, MuleESB
β—‹ Wicket, SOAP Web-Services, Servlets
β—‹ Hibernate, OJB, iBatis, JPA
● C#
β—‹ Networking, Compression and Encryption β—‹ Remoting Services
β—‹ ASP.NET and WebServices
● C/C++
β—‹ C Programming for Dialogic Multi-line cards β—‹ MSVC++ COM
β—‹ C++ .NET Drivers for EICON ISDN Cards
β—‹ RESTful WS
β—‹ CodeIgniter
β—‹ Asynchronous Jobs with PHP Resque β—‹ Caching with php and REDIS
● Python
β—‹ SOA services
β—‹ Django & Flask β—‹ Celery
β—‹ PyCSP
● Other Languages, Scripting & Technologies
β—‹ Ruby (general scripts, watir, runit, RoR)
β—‹ JVM Languages Scala, Clojure, Groovy
β—‹ RDBMS: Postgresql, MySql, Oracle, MSSQL
β—‹ NOSQL: Cassandra, Mongodb, Google Datastore
β—‹ Go (Middle tier, Mobile prototypes on ARM, SOA APIs) β—‹ Smalltalk Visualage/Squeak (parsers and seaside)
β—‹ JavaScript (Angular, Ember, JQuery, lots more)
β—‹ General Perl (scripts and asynchronous processes)
β—‹ bash script and shell
● Methodologies (Mostly Agile)
β—‹ TDD (Red, Green, Refactor), BDD (Cucumber) β—‹ Scrum & RUP, etc.

What I look for
I'm in Argentina now, I've been here for a couple of months. For the past 3 years I've been working remote and on-site for companies based in Boulder, CO. Tendril and Simple Energy. Now I work for Eventbrite, which is based in San Francisco. You see I'm part of a weird global family and as such I have a sister born in Michigan that lives in Boulder, CO now, a brother in London, and I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My mother passed away last year and I'm in Argentina handling her estate, not much handling of anything just waiting to sign after the red tape is over. I'm liquidating assets and will be moving to the U.S., to be closer to my sister. I will apply for residence. I am looking, but it would have to be some remote for the next 4-6 months, or I could work out of the new Buenos Aires office. I could probably do one or two weeks per month of on site, or we could work something else. I have a bank account and mobile from Colorado so it is really easy to hire me.
Remote, Boulder CO, * US, * EU, * * -just as long as is in Go

How to contact me
francisco.diaztrepat@gmail.com, (720) 295-0592

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Additional information

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Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States

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