Golang / Go Profile: Golang Software Engineer

Golang Software Engineer - Golang, Ruby, DevOps, Blockchain

Located in: 🇦🇺 Australia › Melbourne
Looking for: Freelance - Can work remotely

20+ years experience designing, delivering and supporting technical solutions in large scale complex systems in Corporate and Federal Government sectors as well as small to medium sized startup ventures.

During the course of my career I have worked in a variety of different roles giving me a large exposure to a deserve range of programing languages, technology stacks, trends and work environments.

For the last 6 years I have been working primary in roles of product / software engineering roles for small to medium sized started and prior to that have worked in a variety of engineering roles in a more large scale corporate environments.

With strong leadership, communication and technical skills. I have been the technical lead on a number of successfully projects and quite naturally find myself in senior leadership roles.

I enjoy working with key business and technical stakeholders to translate strategies and requirements into clear and concrete solutions. Very quickly I am able to join a team and start delivering value.

I prefer working in large scale complex distributed systems using best of bread open source and linux based technologies where reliability, security, low latency and fault tolerance are essential considerations.

I am extremely pragmatic in my approach with a very keen eye for delivering maintainable and quality solutions.

I very much like to take a top down approach to my work and like to understand the bigger picture to the project's goals before finding myself deep in delivering a quality solutions.

I am now extremely passionate about the golang programming language and its ecosystem. I am working towards specialising in this language as I feel google's approach resolves many issues I have faced with other languages and their eco systems.

Vi, Vim, NeoVim, VS Code, osx, *unix
Golang, Ruby, Javascript, Python, C, Zsh, Bash, Batch, VB
Agile, TDD, XP, BDD, DDD, Waterfall
Ruby On Rails, NodeJs, ReactJs, AngularJs, VueJs, NextJs
Cloud Platforms
Heroku, GCP, AWS, Netlify, Firebase
Cloud Technologies
Vault, Consul, Kubernetes, Docker, Cloudflare, PagerDuty, Cloud functions, lambdas
Deployment/CI Technologies
Terraform, Chef, Concourse, Buildkite, Circleci, Helm, Heroku CI, Capistrano, Helm
Messaging / Networking
JSON, REST, XML, SOAP, Protobuf, Websockets, NGINX, RabbitMQ
Data Technologies
Postgres, MYSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Elastic Search, MSSQL, Oracle, Big Query
Monitoring Technologies
Newrelic, Prometheus, Grafana, Sitescope
Performance Testing Technologies
Flood.io, k6, Vegeta, HP Loadrunner

What I look for
I just want to code Go!

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