Golang / Go Profile: Go and Python Developer

Go and Python Developer - golang, docker, python, mongodb, git

Located in: 🇩🇰 Denmark › Copenhagen
Looking for: Permanent

- Collaborating in distributed development teams using agile development.
- Extensive experience with GitHub and with using pull-requests and code-reviews to ensure code quality.
- Concurrent and Parallel programming and a thorough understanding of when to apply these tools.
- Command Line Interface and API design.

Languages: Go, Python, Java, Haskell and Erlang.
Platforms: AWS, Google App Engine, OSX and Linux.
Frameworks: Django, Docker, WebApp and WebApp2.
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Google Cloud Store.
Queues: RabbitMQ and ØMQ.
Collaboration: GitHub, Git

What I look for
Go and Python development, API design, Backend Engineering, DevOps
Copenhagen, Denmark

How to contact me
Contact me through my linkedin profile

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