Golang / Go Profile: Lead Software Developer

Lead Software Developer - Golang, Linux, persistence, imagination, curiosity

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › Colorado › Denver
Looking for: Permanent

I've done software archaeology on a 500 KLOC mixed Fortran and C system, dealt with telecom outside plant with a DSL loop qualification system, written online-training-building software, helped load revenue data warehouse, archived databases, maintained a sales compensation system, maintained and upgraded a Visa Level 1 merchant's credit card processing system, and run my home linux network. I have programmed and run a WordPress honeypot.

I'm an expert C and shell script programmer on Linux. I'm good at Perl, PHP, Golang and PL/SQL. I can do Linux system admin. I have worked with Oracle, Postgres and MySQL databases. I can solve problems. I am a good debugger.

What I look for
I'm looking for a position where I can solve problems and advance my skills, including programming in Go. I am interested in developing on and for Linux or a BSD. I'm interested in problems that are infosec-related, or have enough data associated or flowing through that I can discern patterns, diagnose problems and make predictions.
I would like to work in or near downtown Denver.

How to contact me
Email me: bediger8@gmail.com

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