Golang / Go Profile: Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant - Java, NoSQL, JavaScript, Golang, Python

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › Virginia › Washington, DC
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

Software developer working as a professional services consultant for MarkLogic (a NoSQL database vendor). I've worked primarily in Java, writing the back end or middle tier for Web Applications (and front end when necessary). I'm looking to move to Go on a more permanent basis but staying with database technologies. I've worked at consulting companies for the most part (the major industry in my area) but would rather work on the engineering side. I bring a wealth of software development experience, from COM objects in C++ on Windows to Python on Linux. And have used methodologies ranging from sclerotic fully lifecycle methodologies to simple kanban approaches.

I've got a lot of Java experience using both Spring and JEE frameworks. I've been working in XQuery, XML, JavaScript, and Java recently. I would say after Java, my next top language is JavaScript followed probably by XQuery, Python, and Go. I build Web applications and APIs that use RESTful patterns. I've been working with NoSQL for about 5 years now (1 year MongoDB at VistaPrint/Webs and 4 years at MarkLogic). I'm reasonably fluent in standard SQL.

What I look for
I would love to work for a database or data oriented company using Go to build tooling or applications. I'd rather work on the engineering side, but would consider professional services. The job has to be challenging and a stretch. I like big data. I like Go.
In the DC area I would like to stay in Northern Virginia, preferably Reston or Tysons. Otherwise, I would need to be remote. In fact I love working remote.

How to contact me
Please send me an e-mail to my proton mail account darcinc [at] protonmail [dot] com.

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