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Web Developer - Golang, Vue, NoSQL, SQL, REST

Portland, Oregon, United States
Looking for: Intern

I’m a Web Developer with interests in both backend and frontend work, using modern technologies and frameworks like VueJS in the frontend and Go in the backend. Go has to be my all time favorite language, it’s amazing for web development, Project Euler, math, etc. While I also know JavaScript and Node, I enjoy Go as it is much more natural and of course faster with goroutines and good programming practices.

Proficient in HTML, CSS, JS, as well as CSS Preprocessors and JavaScript Frameworks (Vue, jQuery, etc). Experience in interacting with JSON RESTful API’s, as well as templating with Pug.
Experience in creating RESTful API’s for personal projects with Go and NodeJS (Express). I much prefer using Go over the other languages I am proficient at, Java and JavaScript (Node).
Experience in implementing algorithms and solutions to complex problems in Go.
Moderate knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases, specifically PostgreSQL and MongoDB.
Have written short articles on MongoDB security after the “MongoDB Apocalypse”. (Medium: “Securing your MongoDB Server”)
Highly experienced with Linux, installed on home computers and servers (HP DL380 G6 and G7) running the ESXi 6.0 hypervisor.
Love and use version control (Git). I prefer Gitlab to Github but I use both.
Try to design even my hobby projects fairly securely to try and be compliant with OWASP specs.
Focused and adaptable under pressure and deadlines. Work hard to implement solutions and fix existing problems.

What I look for
I'm looking for a position where I will be doing mostly backend work with Go, and maybe some frontend work with Vue. I can make RESTful API's and love working with stuff like that as well as JSON. I want to work on web applications.
Only Portland, OR. Best if near SE or SW.

How to contact me

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Additional information

My website
Linkedin profile
Github: Franke123
Gitlab: fharding
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States

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