Golang / Go Profile: Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Java, Golang, Python, Angular, Node

Located in: 🇨🇦 Canada › Chicoutimi
Looking for: Intern - Can work remotely

There the projects I've worked aside school classes : Lot of web apps with MEAN stack, mobile / desktop cross platform apps with ionic and electron (+ Angular). Lot of projects of artificial intelligence : Constraint Satisfaction, NLP, Classification, Deep Neural Networks, image generation with DCGAN. Java softwares. Compilers, interpreters (C#, Prolog, OCaml).
I've also done school projects (algorithms, data structures, softwares, meta-programming...)

Web technologies, machine learning (I've done a lot of mathematics during my scholarship), cryptography, big data

What I look for
I am looking for an internship (end of study) with passionate people, in a global startup spirit.
I would love to try to work in USA in general ( + for California : San Francisco, Los Angeles) but I am open to work remotely or anywhere in the world.

How to contact me
Send me an email or contact me on Twitter @Exced_ or LinkedIn

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