Golang / Go Profile: Backend engineer | Test engineer

Backend engineer | Test engineer - Golang, Networking, C, Kernel

Located in: 🇸🇪 Sweden › Goteborg
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

I love to work with heterogenous systems!
I did a lop of projects with a technology stack of multiple languages, running across multiple datacenters using different environments.

So.. my C, kernel dev, C++, Perl, Python, SysOps and DevOps experience can be useful, I think.

8 years of C development / Linux sysops
+ 1 year of Golang / DevOps on top of that.

Experience with cloud environments (pure AWS, Ravello to AWS and Google's).
Areas of expertise: DPI, DLP, FX trading, VPN (and other networking).

What I look for
I am looking for a position/project, where I can do 60% Go code, 20% other languages/integrations and 20% DevOps. Or for a pure Go/DevOps job, it'll suit me just fine.
Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, London. Or, I would also like to stay remote :)

How to contact me
Send me a message through contact form, or use igor@pbne.mygbiz.com

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