Golang / Go Profile: Senior Software Architect

Senior Software Architect - Golang, Scala, Java, Databases, Unix

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › Georgia › Atlanta
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

17 years of experience as a full stack developer with a focus on backend and middleware. Recently, heavy focus on golang. Skilled in concurrency, business integration workflows, data architecture, scale, and security. My web development skills are weak in the modern webdev world, but I have a solid grounding in html and cs, and moderate front end JS skills.

I also have experience with electrical engineering, hardware design, pcb layout, hardware/software integration, microcontroller development, HDL (verilog) for CPLD and FPGA development, mechatronics including servo system design and tuning, machinework and metal fabrication, etc. I have designed and built several CNC machines and industrial automation systems, both for my own shop and as commercial work for other companies. I've designed, built, and integrated environmental controls for a hydroponics farm, as well as written the software which runs the controls (in golang!).

I also build and fly homebuilt airplanes.

Golang, Scala, functional programming.
Ruby, python, node.js, php.
20+ years unix/linux
19 years C
18 years Java
18 years RDBMS (mysql, postgres, oracle, mssql primarily)
5 years NoSQL (mongodb, couchdb, redis, riak)

What I look for
I would like to work for a company which encourages pushing the envelope with techologies such as golang and scala, and which offers challenging technical problems to solve. I am at my best when working on difficult technical problems with other talented technologists, especially in R&D type environments.
I would like to work in Atlanta, or full time remote. I would be willing to relocate to the San Francisco Bay area, or perhaps a hybrid remote / part time travel onsite arrangement.

How to contact me

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