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GoLang developer - Golang Nodejs MVC Javascript angular

Located in: 🇨🇿 Czech Republic › Prague
Looking for: Freelance - Can work remotely

+ 2003 - Started programming - Pascal (13 years old)
+ 2005 - First computer - discovering C++
+ 2009 - 1st year at University
+ 2010 - Started programming for RWE (ASP without prior knowledge of the framework)
+ 2015 - Discovering open world of Go

After spending more than 4-5 years of .NET development (desktop, MVC web apps with Azure background and Sharepoint solutions) I realized that this has nothing to do (and never will) with algorithms, logic and all the fun things I enjoyed while coding for fun. I would love to make my work enjoyable and do something that matters.
I finished many projects, many of them was apps for internal use with no real impact. One project I'm very fond of is Mapz, project I worked on as a side project (besides university studies and part time job at RWE). Mapz was developed by team of 4 developers (incl. me) and it's purpose was to help blind people sense and know the world around. I was responsible for Mobile app (WIndows Phone) and Webapp with Azure backend.
I'm here to find group of people working on something that helps other developers, enhance Golang ecosystem or just matters.I learned about Golang just some time ago but I'm very interested in language and everything related.

If you're not looking for a GO Rockstar or Hacker but rather for side-kick for your senior dev, please write me, call me, tweet me... I will be more than happy to throw away my .NET me and let my inner Gopher grow.

independence - besides my first few projects, I was responsible for my output without any supervision
problem solving - given a problem, I will solve it before I go to sleep or at sleep sometimes, it unimaginable fun for me to have something to think about.

What I look for
I am looking for a position where I will use Go as a primary language, English as a secondary language. I am looking for a position where I will be enabled to grow personally and professionally. I am not afraid of challenge, responsibility, hard work or learning new things - these are things which satisfies me
I would love to work remotely so location of a company is not that important. I like travelling and I will enjoy occasional company meetings on site.

How to contact me
Linkedin, Twitter anything

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