Golang / Go Profile: Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer - Golang, REST API, Microservices, DevOps, FullStack Javascript

Located in: 🇮🇩 Indonesia › Yogyakarta
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

I'm a fullstack engineer specialized in backend development. Starting my career in 2011 and have involved in many projects since. Leaning towards best practices in software development and familiar with agile software development lifecycle. Able to work in a team and have experience working with teams across the globe. Having good understanding about high scalability and reliability software development. Equipped with curious mindset and eagerness to learn something new.

- Build a good and concise REST API. I'm using OpenAPI v3 (previously Swagger) for API documentation
- Backend services with golang / nodejs with unit test and integration test
- React + Typescript
- Postgres (+Timescale), Mongo, Redis
- Familiar with CI / CD (Jenkins)
- Familiar with Linux environment (Ubuntu)
- Familiar with Docker and Kubernetes
- Familiar with AWS services (EC2, ECS, S3, Kinesis, Lambda, RDS, SES)

What I look for
I am looking for position that using Golang / Javascript as main programming language. I'm interested to work with company that agile and build product with high availability, scalability and reliability in mind.
I'm looking for jobs that allows full time remote working from anywhere

How to contact me
Contact me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/wahyudibo

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