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Go/Golang Software Engineer - RESTful APIs, MQ/SOA, Postgres, Ruby, Backbone/AngularJS, Unix/OSX

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › Georgia › Atlanta
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

My first job was one of my favorites. I was chosen from the Computer Science program to handle any problem that any user of Auburn University computing resources encountered. I learned to be a self starter, to think outside of the box and to leverage other expertise when necessary to get the job done.

I moved to Atlanta, GA to go to law school, but ended up automating a law firm and launching my software development career. During that time, I frequently worked as a sub contractor for DMR Trecom Business Services while supporting my clients, e.g., ADA's Protection and Advocacy Offices of GA, AL and TN.

I executed Agile Development processes in order to deliver a cross platform (Mac & Windows) data entry and reporting solution. I collaborated with appropriate subject matter experts, provided mockups, iterated delivery of product features and performed test-driven development. I handled all on-going maintenance issues including versioning, deployment, and business data and application configuration migration.

I understand whole-life cost: planning, design, construction and acquisition, operations, maintenance, renewal and rehabilitation, depreciation and cost of finance and replacement or disposal. When I worked as an independent consultant, I learned about marketing and the sales pipeline.

I became an expert at FoxPro. After Microsoft acquired Fox Software, I became an expert at Visual Basic and MS SQL Server and MS Internet development, including MS IIS Active Server Pages and javascript.

I joined IBM in 1991 and learned the IBM technology stack (Java, J2EE, DB2, Tivoli security products). As a lead developer for Web Identity, I became an expert at web services and application integration.

I am a software engineer that is not afraid to try any technology that may be an appropriate for the challenges at hand. For example, at IBM I chose Ruby on Rails to develop several web applications.

I leveraged Dojo and JQuery and several javascript frameworks to move application logic and the MVC pattern from the application server layer to the web browser front end.

I moved to the IBM Software Group and worked with a talented group of software engineers and learned:
• Operating system and firmware development for security devices
• Software engineering rigors (Agile team development, RESTful design, software versioning, testing)
• Use of IBM OneUI design guidelines for a consistent user experience

I left IBM to apply my skills as a software consultant to develop Scala-based travel industry software. The pay was great, but I missed the efficiency of developing Ruby on Rails.

I developed travura.com, whose responsive, mobile-first design leverages Bootstrap & Jquery. Front end development leveraged Marionette/Backbone and the backend was developed using Rails 4.0.

I created a parallel processing solution using Beanstalkd that cut the processing time for the pricing-availability-update backend job from 15 days to under 24 hours.

I hold 8 Patents. See: http://www.faqs.org/patents/inventor/alexander-brantley-sheehan-atlanta-us-1/

I blog at: http://lexsheehan.blogspot.com/

I created the following jekyll site: http://l3x.github.io/golang-code-examples/

I created the following open source Go libraries:
• https://github.com/l3x/jsoncfgo
• https://github.com/go-goodies/go_oops

Looking forward to teaming up to deliver excellent Go solutions.

• Go Software Development • Full-stack Software Development • Front-end Web Development • API Development • PostgreSQL and NoSQL Databases • Enterprise Architecture • Application Security • Application Deployment • Application Performance • Workflow Management • Git

What I look for
Accomplished, motivated and versatile senior software engineer seeking a position to leverage skills and experience to design, implement and deliver excellent Golang solutions.

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