Software Eng, C/Php/Go, and other open Go / Golang positions

Jobs in USA and Canada only.

New Relic Software Eng, C/Php/Go - New Relic   (January 2015)
Portland, Oregon, United States
Interested in how language VMs are implemented? Want to learn how to extend them to do amazing things? If so, join us in building New Relic's PHP agent. Agents are challenging to work on, and many of the things most projects take for granted don't apply. O...
TUNE GO Data Ingestion with - TUNE   (January 2015)
Seattle, Washington, United States (Remote possible)
Develop GO app for data ingestion pipeline and deploy for analytic reporting. Functions of GO app: 1. Read logs from SQS 2. Make business decisions 3. Create batch files of logs 4. Load batch files into You'll be responsible for det...
Pressly Inc. Senior Software Developer - Pressly Inc.   (December 2014)
Toronto, Canada
We are a team of passionate, perfection-seeking, developers building a platform that allows teams to discover, curate and share content in a destination we call a Hub. It's a bit like Tumblr/Pinterest for businesses. We value continuous delivery, ownership, pr... Back-end Software Engineer -   (December 2014)
South Amboy, New Jersey, United States (Remote possible)
We're seeking developers passionate about Golang to join our world-class "dream team" of developers and work on building out our next-generation REST and socket based APIs, powered by microservices using Docker, Golang, Python, and MySQL. We're a small tec...
Monsoon Commerce Software Engineer - Monsoon Commerce   (December 2014)
Collegeville, Pennsylvania, United States
You are passionate about solving complex problems and designing awesome applications and scalable services. You’re smart and you like to get things done. You are looking for a technical leadership role in an Agile development team navigating a diverse techno...
Trumpet Interactive Inc. Software Developer - Trumpet Interactive Inc.   (December 2014)
Calgary, AB, Canada
We're looking for a software developer to help us build this generations business review and search engine. We're always looking for awesome people to help us grow! Think you could contribute to Team Trumpet?...
Clever Full Stack Software Engineer - Clever   (November 2014)
San Francisco, California, United States
At its core, education has a fundamental data problem: schools run on legacy infrastructure that's impossible for hackers to build on top of. We're on a mission to replace the terrible things that developers have to do to build classroom software (think nightl...
gSchool (powered by Galvanize) Go Instructor - gSchool (powered by Galvanize)   (November 2014)
Denver, Colorado, United States
gSchool instructors don’t just teach: they guide. They don’t just teach the hard skills – they dig into meta skills and habits. And they don’t just talk the talk: instructors lead by example and immerse students in the agile development process from ...
Nitrous Software Engineer - Nitrous   (November 2014)
San Francisco, California, United States
Nitrous.IO software engineers are responsible for driving the user experience and performance of our web and desktop applications. We’re looking for motivated, independent thinkers who employ creative, scalable and performant solutions. Responsibilities ...
Mesosphere Inc Software Engineer - Mesosphere Inc   (November 2014)
San Francisco, California, United States
San Francisco, CA Do you like to work on a project that runs the largest sites on the internet? Our weapons of choice are Scala, Go, Jersey, Guava, Guice, and our own Scala framework called 'Chaos'. Inspired by Apache Mesos, we architect our systems to be asy...

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