Senior Software Engineer, and other open Go / Golang positions

Jobs in USA and Canada only.

capitalone Senior Software Engineer - capitalone   (November 2015)
Plano, TX, Texas, United States
Looking for smart developers who could help me in building Microservices based on GoLang to replace ETL at our Plano, TX location...
BHost Inc Software Developer - BHost Inc   (November 2015)
Remote, United States (Remote possible)
We're looking for a full-stack developer to work on our cloud hosting platform. You'll be an experienced Go developer with a passion for all things internet, cloud and virtualization. Experience with Docker would be beneficial but not necessary. This is ver...
Vurb Backend Engineer - Vurb   (November 2015)
San Francisco, California, United States
We’re looking for a Backend Engineer that will own critical systems throughout the platform and be responsible for their performance, adding new valuable features, and ensuring that these systems perform correctly. It thrills you to think about the next best...
TUNE Lab Golang and Parquet files - TUNE Lab   (November 2015)
Seattle, Washington, United States (Remote possible)
I am an experienced Golang engineer myself and working on a big data project with Spark. A key requirement is using Parquet formatted files. There is this unfinished Go library that supports working with Parquet files here:
XOR Data Exchange Sr. Go Software Developer - XOR Data Exchange   (November 2015)
Austin, Texas, United States
Work Environment: Our technical team consists of fast-paced, inventive developers and data scientists that like to have fun, learn, grow, and push ourselves. We use the latest tools and techniques to deliver unique solutions for our clients. The rare all-...
Bolt Backend Engineer - Bolt   (November 2015)
San Francisco, California, United States
We're hiring an experienced and motivated back-end developer with a passion for technology, finance, and payments. You will play a core role on our team while building a payments application that millions of people will rely on for security, features, and perf...
TUNE Software Engineer Golang - TUNE   (October 2015)
Seattle, Washington, United States
TUNE has successfully launched several products for mobile marketers and we are excited to develop many more to drive innovation in our industry. Accordingly, we’ve committed to formalizing our Research and Technical Development (RTD) and building a new team...
ShaleApps Senior Software engineer - ShaleApps   (October 2015)
Denver, Colorado, United States (Remote possible)
We are looking for a talented engineer to help build our back-end technology stack. You will have to engineer solutions, make major architecture decisions, and write APIs and expanding our our existing ones. Capacity to work in an highly collaborative environm...
Spring, Inc. Senior Software Engineer - Spring, Inc.   (October 2015)
New York, New York, United States
We're looking for developers who love to get stuff done, but also understand code quality, large scale, and the tradeoffs that come with each choice they make. Things like good coding style, a continuous build, tests are part of the process early on. We're...
Verisart Verisart is hiring Golang developers - Verisart   (October 2015)
Los Angeles, California, United States
We're developing our backend in Golang with a web app/ios app client, postgres databases and a some cryptocurrency tech. We’re looking for developers to work part time towards developing our API and backend services in addition to possible code review/advic...

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