Software Engineer, and other open Go / Golang positions

Jobs in USA and Canada only.

Civis Analytics Software Engineer - Civis Analytics   (June 2015)
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Software Engineers are responsible for building and maintaining the backbone of Civis Analytics -- the processing, automation, tooling and front-end products that create new opportunities for our clients and serve as a multiplier of the work done by our teams....
Evosus, Inc. Web Application Developer - Evosus, Inc.   (June 2015)
Portland, Oregon, United States
For 10 years, Evosus has provided specialty retailers, worldwide, with the software to competitively manage their businesses. Now it’s time for an upgrade. Yes, we have a modern stack. Yes, we have have shiny new toys. But nevermind the buzzwords: Evos...
Gravity4 Golang Software Engineer - Gravity4   (May 2015)
San Francisco, California, United States (Remote possible)
Gravity4 (, the World’s First High-Frequency Marketing Cloud powering digital media with first party data is looking for bright, entrepreneurial spirited, highly motivated people to join the Gravity4 team! Our Technology Stack combines searc...
Software Backend Engineer - Leaf   (May 2015)
Austin, Texas, United States
A small vibrant and well-funded startup founded by Stanford alumni is searching for a back end engineer. We are looking to establish an office in Austin, TX. Competitive salary with full benefits including 401k match. Our backend stack is Django/Python, Go,...
Betable Senior Software Engineer - Betable   (May 2015)
San Francisco, California, United States
Our Technology We try to be technology agnostic, preferring suitability to ideology. Our services are small and chatty, communicating through well­ defined interfaces. Sometimes we compose them in ways that are surprising even to us. We think that’s heal... Senior Software Engineer -   (May 2015)
San Francisco, California, United States (Remote possible) is one of the leading Go companies in the world. Our next generation, high-scale, high-performance cloud services are used by thousands of companies from hot startups like Hotel Tonight and Untappd to large enterprises like Turner Broadcasting and AAA....
Apple Inc Core Systems Developer, #Golang #Lasers #Apple - Apple Inc   (May 2015)
Cupertino, California, United States
We are looking for senior full stack engineer who has experience integrating with hardware to help lead the next generation of products we build. You should like solving problems that no one has solved yet and care about the impact of your product. You are mor...
Permission Data Software Engineer (using Go) - Permission Data   (May 2015)
New York, New York, United States
@Permission Data we are in the process of completely overhauling our tech stack. We've chosen Go as our primary implementation language, and are creating a scaleable microservice architecture. Your role would be to bring in some experience with Go, lay dow...
Decision Research Go Developer - Decision Research   (May 2015)
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Decision Research Corporation (DRC) is seeking a Go Developer to join its rating team in Honolulu....
Aeris Secure LLC Software Engineer - Aeris Secure LLC   (April 2015)
Phoenix, Arizona, United States (Remote possible)
I am looking to incorporate Windows Event Logs into an application that we are building and need the code written to tie into the Windows Event Log API and process events as they arrive. The project requires the developer to implement the following API call...

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