Golang / Go Profile: Junior Go developer

Junior Go developer - Golang, Java, NoSQL, AngularJS

Located in: 🇳🇱 Netherlands › Tilburg
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

I'm currently a Java developer looking to make the transition to Golang. I love the profession and have a crush on Go. Besides that I dig a good story (books, movies, rpg's), my woman and my dudes. I'm living in Tilburg, Netherlands.

My skills in golang are probably mediocre. I groom my skills in Go during my free time and I'm getting pretty comfortable with it. I feel I understand the go-ways and have covered the go documentation.

What I look for
I'm looking to find a place where I can further develop my Go-skills to a higher level, therefore I need to spend time on it.

How to contact me

Let them know you found their profile at https://www.golangprojects.com
(Everyone wants to know how they were found)