Golang / Go Profile: Graduated in Computer Science; PhD in Applied Mathematics.

Graduated in Computer Science; PhD in Applied Mathematics. - optimization combinatorics algorithms programming languages

Located in: 🇧🇷 Brazil › Rio de Janeiro
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

I studied computer science at the UNR (National University of Rosario), Argentina. At the same time I studied in the university, I worked in some software companies, first as junior and then as senior software engineer. After that, I studied my master at École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France (with an INRIA scholarship). After that I came back to Argentina and started my own company and worked for Intel for almost 1 year. I interrupted that and went to Brazil, to the IMPA (Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada) to complete my PhD in applied mathematics, with emphasis in computer graphics and computer science.

Through all my career I have have strong inclination throrugh "tricky" problems. Both theoretical and practical. When I was at the high school, I used to compete in computing olympiads. At the university, I liked to do topcoder problems and these kind of things. At the PhD I studied (as second area, given that in the institute I study all the students must have at least two areas in which they research) combinatorics. So my main strenght is related to "analyze solutions and make them better" (where "better" might be "faster" or "more robust" or "easier to scale to a bigger scenario").

What I look for
I'm looking for a programming position; I've a long experience with computer science in general and I am able to learn the technologies involved.
I'm located at Rio de Janeiro, ending my PhD. I will end in March, 2016. I would prefer to stay at Rio, but (after finishing my PhD) I will be able to go to New York or L.A. or other city if it is required.

How to contact me
By mail: ericbiagioli@gmail.com, or by phone (+55 21 969264502).

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Additional information

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Github: ericbiagioli
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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