Golang / Go Profile: Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Golang, Java, Javascript, SQL, Linux

Located in: 🇧🇷 Brazil › Curitiba - PR
Looking for: Permanent - Can work remotely

I really love to write code. Hardworking and self-taught are some of my skills. I’m a student of I.T. in the college, but I have some experience in software development. I worked with a huge veriety of things, from building ERP software to telecommunications software in a multinational company. If you want something that I don’t know, just give me some time and I’ll learn quickly. Right now I spend my time with Java and Go code.

Java EE (Hibernate)
MySQL, PostgreSQL

What I look for
I'm looking for a position to work mainly building APIs, Microservices and interesting things.
I'm looking for remote work.

How to contact me

Let them know you found their profile at https://www.golangprojects.com
(Everyone wants to know how they were found)

Additional information