Golang / Go Profile: Lead Architect

Lead Architect - Golang, Python, C/C++, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Located in: 🇸🇪 Sweden › Gotheburg
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance

15 Years’ experience in Software Development with planning, design & development, release, and troubleshooting enterprise software applications and 3rd party applications & Integration. Seeking challenging Opportunities in AI, Machine Learning. 8 years of experience in classification algorithms, semi-supervised/un-supervised/supervised learning, clustering, feature engineering, probabilistic models, object recognition in images.
I am a graduate in Computer Sciences and have 14 years of experience in most of the aspects of SDLC. Within Machine Learning, I am well versed in Python libraries (TensorFlow, Pytorch, keras, sklearn etc) and also having experience in Neural Networks (CNN, RNN, LSTM, GRU), and traditional machine learning modelling along with Data (nosql, big data - kafka, spark, solr etc)& Feature engineering (pandas, numpy, sns, matplotlib, etc ) strengths. I have also good knowledge in C/C++ & Java.
I have professional experience in Image recognition and sentiments of images using python libraries and I believe is relevant to the applied position.

OPERATING SYSTEMS - Linux/Unix, Windows, AIX, Solaris
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES - Python (Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch), GoLang, C, C++, Java
MACHINE LEARNING - Supervised & Semi-Supervised Learning, Feature Engineering, Time-Series Modelling
DEEP LEARNING - RNN, CNN, LSTM, GRU, GAN, Reinforcement / Q-Learning
TECHNOLOGIES - Big Data, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Data Structures, OOAD, RESTFul, Cloud, Microservices, Event Driven Architectures, Mesh Cloud computing
DOMAINS - CRM, Content Management, HealthCare, Telecom, Pharma, Networks, Automotive, Banking & Insurance, Travel & Logistics
BIG DATA LIBRARIES - Kafka, Spark, Spark-Streaming, Solr, Lucene, Splunk, Oozie, Pig, Hive, HBase, Hadoop, HDFS
CLOUD & CI - Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, Git, SVN, Perforce, Jenkins, Gerrit, GCP, IBM Cloud,
DATABASES - Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, Mongo, Redis, Cassandra, Memcache

What I look for
Development work in Go, Python
does not matter , remote works good as well

How to contact me

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