Golang / Go Profile: Member of Technical Staff - 2

Member of Technical Staff - 2 - Golang, Java, Spring Webflux, Javascript, C++

Located in: 🇮🇳 India › Bengaluru
Looking for: Permanent - Can work remotely

VMWARE, INC Bangalore, India, Member of Technical Staff - 2 July 2015 - Present
● Worked across numerous backend features and integrations in Java and Go for vRealize Code Stream, a product that provides release automation and continuous delivery for applications.
● Participated in various workshops and learning opportunities in topics such as Kubernetes, Advanced Algorithms, Advanced Java, Intro to Golang, etc.

AMAZON.COM Seattle, WA, Software Development Engineering Intern May - August 2014
● Developed an internal tool in Java for the Customer Marketing Analytics Team for scheduling and resource allocation of workflows in a mutli-threaded environment.
● Created a load-balancer for scheduling activities based on the status of resources(such as clusters).
● Utilised libraries and frameworks such as a Java Data Object library (DataNucleus), web services(Coral for providing REST Clients) and SQL databases as backend(Amazon RDS).

COOLCAST, INC. Bangalore, India, Software Engineering Intern May - August 2013
● Integrated open-source update mechanism into a core company product, saving the company hundreds of dollars by avoiding the purchase of proprietary software.
● Implemented and heavily tested the functionality of an instant messaging server(Ejabberd) in Erlang for the same product.
● Presented results and gave tutorials on Erlang to senior employees at CoolCast, Inc.

Proficient: ​Java
Familiar with: ​C++, Python, Go, JavaScript, Android development, SQL. Version Control: ​SVN, Git.
Frameworks ​- ​Spring Webflux, Node Js, Angular 1.5

What I look for
I am looking for a remote position where I will code in Java or Go.
I am looking inly for remote work, but hopefully something with some sensible overlap of +05:30 GMT.

How to contact me
You can message me on on my LinkedIn

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Additional information

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Location: Bengaluru, India

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