Golang / Go Profile: Senior Golang developer

Senior Golang developer - Golang, Javascript, C++, VueJS, Kubernetes

Located in: 🇫🇷 France › Mézos
Looking for: Freelance - Can work remotely

Developed various projects in smart building, IoT, read time display in web browsers, low level protocol implementations.
Worked for the French post office, Telcos.

Golang, micro-services, IoT, smart building, real-time display in web browsers, WebSocket, Server Sent Events, VueJS...
I love to KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) as much as possible...

What I look for
I'm looking for a mission to code in Go, ideally in IoT and smart building. Micro-services would be great too.
I work 100% remote since a long time, and I really enjoy it.

How to contact me
Don't hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn.

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