Golang / Go Profile: Software Engineer & Informatics Intern

Software Engineer & Informatics Intern - Java, Golang, SQL, C++, C

Located in: 🇬🇷 Greece › Athens
Looking for: Intern - Can work remotely

Currently pursuing an Software Engineer & Informatics *Integrated Master of Engineering (5 years) * Degree at the University Of Patras, Greece. Writer on the Go Buffalo blog (on Medium) I like sports. Daily training Mixed Martial Arts at a local Gym. Simple Graphic Design as a hobby. I like online, action packed games.

Competent in Java, C - Familiar with C++, Go, SQL
Crafted software for Android, Arduino, Spring Boot - Toyed with Docker, ElasticSearch, NodeJS, Jenkins
Extensively used IntelliJ, Git, Maven/Gradle, Linux, Photoshop
Knowledgeable of Design Patterns, Testable Code, Correct OOP & Offline First Design

What I look for
I'd prefer a Backend Engineering, development of tooling, Microcontroller Programming and creating stuff that scale, altough I'm fine with creating Web Apps.
USA, Europe, Japan

How to contact me

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