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Software Engineer - Golang, RESTful API, Google Cloud Platform, Java, CoffeeScript
Berlin, Germany
• Design and development of high performance web applications - RESTful APIs. • Frontend and backend side development. • Maintenance, deployment and testing. • Open source technologies. - Two years experience in Go programming language. More than fi...
Research Engineer III - Golang, Perl, NoSQL, Linux/BSD, Full-stack
Columbia, Federated States of Micronesia, United States (Can work remotely)
Full-stack web development, RESTful APIs, - Professional software engineer with ten years of industry experience. Enjoys the aesthetics of software design with special interest in concurrency, flexibility, and reusability. Current focus on automated malware an...
Backend Developer - C/C++, ShellScript, PL/SQL, Go Lang, Ruby
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Can work remotely)
C/C++, ShellScript, PL/SQL, Go Lang, Ruby - •Backend process and services experience with: -C and Pro*C. -Relational databases and PL/SQL -Shell Script •Web Development experience with: -Ruby on Rails -TDD/BDD (RSpec/Cucumber) -PostgreSQL / MySQL...
Junior Software engineer - Go, Java, SQL, C/C++, Javascript, Google AppEngine
Liege, Belgium
I'm mainly a backend developer. - Freshly graduated bachelor in software engineering. Daily GNU/Linux user, I like to transforms ideas into reality thanks to new technologies. Go lover, I never stop to be amaze by the power of this language....
Senior full-stack developer, software engineer, copywriter and golf poseur. - Golang, PHP, Ruby, C/C++, JavaScript
Brighton, United Kingdom
Architecture and design of large, distributed web applications; front-end design and development; API design; copywriting, including exquisite punmanship; project management, documentation, and much, much more. You might say I have a very particular set of ...
Software Engineer - Software design, Golang, Python, HTML, CSS
Tours, France (Can work remotely)
- Software design - Programming with Golang, Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS - UI design - Commnunication - Technology review - Writing documentation - I'm a dedicated web developer with more than 7 years of experience. With a preference for Golang and ...
Software Engineer - Golang, Python, NoSQL
Moscow, Russian Federation
Python, Golang, Cassandra - Developed a part of social network....
Senior Member Technical Staff - Golang, Real-Time, Embedded, Video, Imaging
San Carlos, California, United States
Software/Firmware/Hardware Developer for real-time data processing. Ready to transfer my experience and skills in C++ software frameworks (ivtools) to the Golang world. - I've worked on a wide variety of real-time imaging and video products, as well as scalab...
Software Developer in Tools or Test or Web Developer - Ruby Linux Bash Testing HTML
Tacoma, Washington, United States (Can work remotely)
Ruby, Bash, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS. Willing to work in C, C++ Java, but very rusty there. Most of recent Unit testing has been in Minitest, but I have played with some home grown frameworks and with both Mocha, and Selenium, both of which I like. I am very ...
Backend Developer - golang, ruby, ruby on rails, linux, javascript
Moscow, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
Go, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, Linux, PostgreSQL, Redis, MySQL, Nginx, API development, Apple Swift :-) - Several years ago, while all my colleagues were programming in PHP, I started to learn and develop in Ruby. Later Ruby became my main pr...