Golang / Go Profile: Back End Engineer

Back End Engineer - Golang, Neo4j, NoSQL, PHP, Unix

Cherkassy, Ukraine
Looking for: Permanent

Met and solved High Load issues. Accomplished a set of advanced projects. Among them are Content Submission System and Backlinks Analysing Tool.

My primary technology stack includes Golang, Neo4j, PHP, MySQL, Unix, Redis, Git, X.509.

The secondary technology stack includes Amazon AWS, Gearman, jQuery, Javascript, XML, XSLT, XPath, Regex, CSS, Bootstrap, Selenium(+Grid), Webdriver, PHPUnit, Squid, SVN, Project management, SEO, amCharts, Yii Framework(PHP), phpexcel, SlickGrid, RGraph, SOAP, Perl.

What I look for
I would like to develop with Go and Neo4j. But it will not be a problem to switch to another technology.
I would like to work in Canada or USA, but I am open for other variants.

How to contact me
Send me a message on LinkedIn.

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Additional information

Linkedin profile
Location: Cherkassy, Ukraine

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